What if course material could...

Open Webslides provides a platform to create course material that promotes co-creation and makes full use of modern web technologies to promote an (inter)active and accessible learning environment.

Course material is in dire need of modernization

One-way street

Education is still too often a one-way street, where students are expected to simply digest the material with little to no activity on their part

Feedback process

Welcoming and processing feedback from students or colleagues is not a streamlined, elegant process but can instead be a time-consuming chaos

Media integration

Embedding media or flipped classroom tools is either impossible or not as straightforward as it should be

Locked down

Learning material is often reliant on specific versions of closed software packages unavailable on older machines and mobile devices

Course context

Placing one subject's narrative in a bigger picture by linking to other courses is difficult at best due to technological constraints


Ideas for better learning material are not always shared or implemented on a large enough scale that could benefit the educational community

The Open Webslides revolution

Online platform

A user-friendly and accessible platform for co-creation of course material, allowing the teachers and students to participate in the creation of educational content

Open and free

Powered by open source technology, Open Webslides is completely free to use and adapt to your needs

Share and collaborate

By using linked courses and publications, Open Webslides promotes multiperspectivism and a broader narrative